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Meade RCX400 TelescopeWelcome to the NorwegianBlue Observatory, located at the heart of the National Forest in central England.

With the advent of high quality telescopes at affordable prices and the introduction of specialist CCD imaging equipment, anyone can now take images of the wonders in our skies. This site is dedicated to showing how I have taken advantage of these tools to realise a lifetime's ambition to view the night sky.

Photographing and observing objects in our skies, is one of the most difficult yet most rewarding forms of photography. The rewards can be huge which just fuels my passion to get more and better images. Seeing the sheer beauty of what lies above our heads is a fantastic thrill, whether it be the majestic beauty of another planet, the intricate structure of a supernovae remnant, planetary nebula or another galaxy, the feeling is absolute wonder.

These pages include information about the NorwegianBlue Observatory the telescopes and the equipment I use. It also contains information about the night sky objects, how the images are created, and general tips and how-to's. In addition there's a news section that provides up to date sources of news, relating to astronomical events, discoveries and space. I do hope you find this website informative and enjoyable.

Neil Parrott

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